We are only two weeks away from March and the Madness begins! First, Championship Week takes place as teams punch their tickets to the big dance. Then Selection Sunday as bubbles burst for some and dreams are alive for others. Finally, the NCAA Tournament, where a Champion is crowned as we enter Spring.

Carolina Victory will be teaming up with a couple of sites to help keep eyes on everything. Two sites who have a reputation and a track record for quality sports coverage, opinion, and a background for all things March Madness. Those sites are www.madtownbadgers.com and www.thesmokingpen.com.

Obviously, we will be focusing on North Carolina and the Atlantic Coast Conference here while www.madtownbadgers.com keeps a finger on the pulse of Wisconsin, The Big 10, Horizon and other schools and conferences from that area. Meanwhile, www.thesmokingpen.com will have scores and updates along with other pertinent information as the tournaments play out.

I would encourage you to visit these sites for more details as we approach March. The madness will be starting soon!