Bernard Ready to go at Wake Forest

After over 90 yards rushing and 3 touchdowns in only one half of football against Elon, Giovanni Bernard says he is ready to go against Wake Forest. Bernard did not play in the second half as a precaution. When asked how he feels a couple of days after Saturday Bernard said, "Good, I feel great, I mean just ready for this next game against Wake, just ready to go out there and kinda do what we got to do again..we did it against Elon and now we gotta do it against Wake Forest.."

When asked about not playing in the second half, Bernard replied, "I don't plan on doing that for many games but it's just something where I think we had a good grasp on the game and I think it was time for me to shut it down a little bit, so Coach Fedora said just back down a little bit."

Getting Ready for Wake

Coach Fedora, "Going on the road in the league is always something that's difficult, so for us it's trying to keep whether it's a home game or an away game, everything the same. Our preparation throughout the week, our preparation on Friday is exactly the same whether it's home or away so hopefully that helps as we get into a routine."

"As a player, you gotta put everything past, dont worry about the stats from the last game,... get ready for the new opponent. I think so far we are doing a good job." Gio Bernard

"We know every week is going to be different..we are going to try and play mistake free. I think if we do that we have a good chance of victory. But we definitely gotta get better from what we did on Saturday but we know every game is not going to be like that." Bryn Renner on moving forward from Elon game.

The last time North Carolina played at Wake Forest was 2007. They lost to the Deacons on that day 37-10.

Observations from Elon Game

Fedora commented on the student section, "They stayed until the end and that was tough to do. That was tough for me to do...The crowd was great. The students showed up. Hopefully they had a lot of fun."

"80 (plays per game) is what we want. We ended up with 74, but we pulled back in the third quarter. 80 is kind of our benchmark. "Our tempo is still not close to where we want it to be." " Fedora said

Coach Fedora confirmed that Bernard could have gone back in but there was no reason to.


Coach Fedora made a point that winning the State Championship (Defeating State, Duke and Wake) is a goal for this football team.

(photo courtesy of TarHippo)