We are only a generation or so removed from "His Greatness", but after watching today's NBA and the current Stars of the Game, it is refreshing to take a walk down memory lane and witness what a Basketball Great really is. It is easy to forget, in the "Flavor of the Month" World that we live in, what true greatness looks like. And as his image as a basketball player continues to fade, Michael Jordan and his legacy will never be forgotten by those who bleed Carolina Blue and White.

Today, MJ sometimes unfairly get's criticized as Owner of the Charlotte Bobcats in a League where markets like Charlotte are forced to operate with one hand tied behind their back.

I find it almost comical that certain criticism's come from locale's such as New York, Los Angeles and other major markets in the league where they have every advantage possible financially. To be successful in a market such as Charlotte, it takes creativity and some luck to get to the pinnacle. One only needs to look back less than a week ago, where on paper the Bobcats should have received the overall top draft pick but fell one spot short of the New Orleans Hornets who came from several position's down to take the top spot. There is no conflict of interest when this happens to a team owned by the NBA, right? But I digress.

So, thanks to this video posted by erroljarrett1974two on You Tube, let's go back in time not so long ago, where the game of NBA basketball was played at a much higher level and players? Well they were just legendary.