Roy Williams is back in the news for going after fans of the program. This is not his first time going after Tar Heel Nation. He is emotional, passionate, speaks his mind and stands behind what he says without worrying about what is thought of his statement. I have been critical of some of his past comments and have supported others. This time, I believe he is spot on.

Coach Williams had an issue with some Rams Club Members who had tickets right behind the Carolina bench, selling them to UNLV fans in the recent game in Las Vegas.

"For some of our fans to … get tickets through the Rams Club, and sell their tickets to UNLV boosters that are sitting right behind our families, I don’t like that,’’ he said. “And if the shoe fits, wear it. I don’t care who it is, and I’ll tell the sucker face-to-face: I do not like that, will not like that, don’t ever forget it. I’m trying to find out who it was.”

Let's be clear, these were not tickets in various parts of the arena, they were right behind the Carolina bench, where families of the program, boosters and Blue Bloods who committed to the trip to Las Vegas sit. You do not under any circumstance, sell those tickets to fans of the opposing team. Anywhere else in the arena? Fair game, but not these.

This is exactly why some label and criticize fans who sit close to the court in the Smith Center, as the "Wine and Cheese" crowd. They are in many cases, big donors to the University, long time alumni and Rams Club members. If you attend a game in the Smith Center and are an average fan, good luck getting a sniff at lower level tickets. So for these very fans who have invested in the School to sit near the court or commit to travel with the team to some of these high profile tournament destinations, to sell their tickets to anyone but a Carolina fan is blasphemous. I couldn't agree with Coach Williams more!

This is not a case of Joe Q Public who scrapes up enough hard earned cash to attend a game and sit where he can, these are in most cases a group of individuals who have a long term commitment to the University. Shame on them! Would these same boosters sell their tickets to a Duke fan if the two schools were involved in a tournament at a neutral site and happen to meet each other? Let's hope not. It is the principal of the matter and I think that is what Coach Williams was trying to convey. If you are going to make the commitment to be part of a small alottment of tickets to be a group loyal to the University of North Carolina, you do not betray that by letting the opposition into that circle.